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Brokerage & Management

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If you want to explore the world and experience luxury at the highest level, owning a sailing or motor yacht is for you. Owning a superyacht at the end of a yacht brokerage journey is a unique victory. You can be sure that you will find the most suitable yacht options for you when you entrust yourself to the ÂContact Turkey team, which has been bringing the yachts produced all over the world to the right owners for many years.

Owning a luxury yacht brings with it rich opportunities. Explore the deep blue waters and hidden caves, enjoy delicious meals away from the shore, organize special concept parties and celebrate family events, or simply follow the sun… Remember, a private yacht only makes you feel more privileged than your home!

Our luxury yacht brokerage team, which has successfully completed many sales to date, offers the highest level of experience, industry knowledge and global connections to ensure your yacht is purchased under the best conditions.

Thoroughly understand your needs, preferences and ultimate goals before using our industry knowledge to find the most suitable luxury yachts for sale; Once you have found your perfect yacht, it will guide and support you step-by-step through the entire purchasing process, offering you only the best yachts for sale.


A luxury yacht is an important investment; Regardless of size, yachts are valuable assets and require careful management service, from strict financial management to employing a reliable crew and a well-organized day-to-day operation. Our Management service takes care of your yacht’s maintenance and operational processes, ensuring that it is managed to the highest possible standards. All you have to do is enjoy the time you spend on the boat with your family and friends…

Contact Turkey offers uninterrupted support to ensure that all your yacht needs are handled safely and efficiently. Our experienced management team in this field has a comprehensive range of services. It moves efficiently and transparently from cost control to every aspect of operating and maintaining a yacht. It acts with a separate operation plan for each yacht and provides regular reports on all aspects.

Our management service includes crew and technical management (including maintenance planning and support), payments and accounting, cost control and audits, reporting and global 24/7 emergency support, ensuring that your yacht is operated safely and smoothly at all times.

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